1. Extra GST 18%-.

2. Pump Charges Included

3. Payment terms: 30 Days Credit

4. Additional Charges: Part load charges shall be applicable for individual deliveriesless than 6.0 m3 @ Rs 1000/- per cum, unless it is the finishing quantity for a larger Concrete pour.

5. In case the transaction exceeds 50Lakh TCS will be charged 0.01% on the bill Amount.

6. Fosroc BI Boplar (BCI) admixture will be supplied by ACIL at our plant. But mixing and application will be under our scope.

7. In the case of Cement supplied by you, Unloading charges as actual to be borne by you. Handling wastage 2% will be deducted.

8. Schedule to be given/reconfirmed 2-3 days prior to the date of the pour to enable us to plan and supply the concrete on time.

9. This offer is valid for 15 days from the date of submission and thereafter we shall reconfirm theprices in writing.

10. Supply of Concrete mix does not include any labour, and ‘TDS’ is not applicable.

11. In the eventuality of any increase/fresh tax or levies to be proposed by the State or Central Government subsequent to the date of offer and during the contract period and extendedperiod if any, the same shall be paid by you extra accordingly.

12. In the eventuality of any increase in prices of raw materials, fuel or such other inputs required for the satisfactory completion of the supply, the prices will be revised, on a mutually agreed basis.

13. You shall provide a serviceable road inside the site for plying our loaded transit mixers. In case the concrete pour is to be in such a location, which could create hindrance to public & traffic congestion, you shall arrange to provide us the clear space and No Objection Clearance/Certificate from the respective authority to complete our pour.

14. Delay unloading charges will be applicable after 1 hour from reach time at the site. Rs. 500/- will be charged for each one-hour excess.

15. Our scope of work does not involve Spreading, Compacting, Vibrating, Finishing, or any other related work. Wastage during the placement shall be on your account.

16. We are not responsible for defective shuttering or mishaps during the placement.

17. The required lighting arrangement should be done by you for night work free of charge.

18. Strength and quality of concrete is on basis of cube strength result as per IS 456-2000Standards.

19. You can witness the cube test for the RMC supplied to your site on 7th & 28th day testing from the date of concrete or otherwise you have to accept our test report as final.

20. All disputes arising out of or in connection with contract shall be resolved by mutual discussions between the parties failing which; such disputes shall be referred to Arbitration of a sole Arbitrator to be appointed by “AB Dinesh Concrete India Pvt Ltd,“. The arbitration will be governed by the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 and statutory modifications thereof. We hope the above offer is as desired by you and look forward to your valuable order that will receive our best attention.