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What is Ready Mixed Concrete?

As the name indicates, Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC) is the concrete which is delivered in the ready- to-use manner. RMC is defined by the American Concrete Institute’s Committee 116R-90 as:

“Concrete that is manufactured for delivery to a purchaser in a plastic and unhardened state”.

The Indian Standard Specification IS 4926:2003 defines RMC as:

“Concrete mixed in a stationary mixer in a central batching and mixing plant or in a truck-mixer and supplied in fresh condition to the purchaser either at the site or into the purchaser’s vehicles”.

In India, concrete has traditionally been produced on site with the primitive equipments and use of large labour force. Ready mixed concrete is an advanced technology, involving a high degree of mechanization and automation. A typical RMC plant consists of silos and bins for the storage of cement and aggregates respectively, weigh batchers for proportioning different ingredients of concrete, high efficiency mixer for thorough mixing of ingredients, and a computerized system controlling the entire production process. The quality of the resulting concrete is much superior to site-mixed concrete.
Hydration of cement has relation with time – it keeps “cooking”





• Stage 2 – before initial setting – allows concrete to be transported, placed , compacted & finished
• Stage 3 – phase between initial & final set – allows for grove/joint cutting
• Stage 4 & 5 – when concrete develops Strength

We supply concrete from Grade M7.5 to M70 & more:

Value Added Concrete

Product Description

FILLeT Pumpable lean concrete suitable for back filling, alternate to compact fill & foundation base with low compressive strength, easy to place.
FIBREX Ready mix polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete helps to control shrinkage & micro cracks in early
Stage, improves overall quality of structure
STEEL FIBRE CONCRETE Ready Mix concrete with increased ductility allowing superior load bearing capacity & an economic & safe floor, structural floor, slab rested on ground with thickness > 100mm, i.e. industrial floor, commercial floor-warehouses & showrooms, housing pavements- society road, parking lots etc.
LIGHT WEIGHT CONCRETE Low density, thermal efficient concrete, density low as 600-1800 Kg/m3. It enhances thermal insulation and effectively replace brickbat coba, concrete screed, filling of area like sunken portions, back filling, void filling etc. Light weight floor and roof screed, thermal insulation.
SELF COMPACTING CONCRETE Reduce Effort on site when placing concrete, Faster placing process, High quality fill for vertical component, Fewer pour points, High surface quality design to suit our customer needs, Virtually self levelling for slabs & floors, No vibration required-reduce noise impact. Reduce Labour Time.
HIGH STRENGTH CONCRETE RCC design can be optimized for cost effective concrete, good for high rise structural requirements. Adapted rheology to pumping in case of high rise concreting. Provide economic benefit through thinner construction elements and reduce construction time. Thinner section for same durability , more floor space, Higher durability, Lower creep, Higher modulus of elasticity.
FLOW CONCRETE High Flow workable concrete ideal for piling in a wide range of compressive strength. It has been using latest technological advances in super plasticizers and unique concrete design technique to create concrete with high workability. Suitable for Piling, High rise pumping (upto 40m high), difficult access areas. Labour Friendly concrete, High quality finish-no honey combs.
EARLY STRENGTH CONCRETE Design to accelerate strength by plummeting the rate of hydration, it is ideal for any structure required for early strength and faster removal of formwork typically 3 to 7 days without altering quality. Applicable for Post tension, flat slab, Machine foundations, Precast & Pre-Stressed concrete, Civil Engineering projects where quick turnaround time is required.
TEMPARATURE CONTROL CONCRETE Design to reduce the elevation of concrete temperature due to high heat of hydration, thus reducing the thermal stress due to temperature variation in mass concrete. Applications Mass concrete- foundations, Foundation Raft having thickness >500 mm, Concrete with grade > 40 MPa, Concrete which may consists alkali & reactive aggregates.
PERVIOUS CONCRETE Permits rain water runoff to directly percolate through